The Performance of Stories


Movement Workshop

There are many stories on our campus, some are heard, seen and easily recognized while others remain largely unnoticed. Who decides what stories and experiences are told and why do some remain in the background?

This evolutionary undergraduate course progresses through three creative-arts and practice-based collaborative workshops.

With a focus on student experience each segment is designed to engage story-arts as a way to appreciate how the many cultures across campus interact with and collectively create the university environment.

Through coming to understand embodied movement as communication, the handling, manipulation and staging of material objects as learning and the creative visual framing of digital aesthetics as performance, students learn to reveal, archive, engage and perform the rich and sometimes invisible stories that embody our campus spaces.

The key first step is for students to attend to the stories around them by learning interviewing methods and developing skills to help them see the often invisible experiences that surround them every day.

Visit the Story Booth page and observe the process of storytelling and gathering on campus. Once stories are collected students collaborate to archive, engage, workshop and perform their various forms.

See our Embodied Movement page and discover the transformation of campus stories through the first of three workshops designed to encourage students to express and understand stories through kinesthetic motion and performance.

The Material Handling page illustrates the creativity of material thinking as students discover new methods of telling, appreciating and working with the stories around them.

The Digital Storytelling page highlights student interactions with digital medium to transform stories through multi-media expression.


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